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Glenn W Richardson II

Founder & CEO A3 | Richardson Group

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HR & Organizational development consulting

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Crush your challenges and thrive

Lead and communicate confidently
Elevate your leadership style with leadership and executive coaching, ensuring you lead with trust, empathy, and care while also mastering effective communication and more.
Motivate and Inspire Your Teams
Electrify Your Audience and Spark Transformation with a captivating speech that inspires action, ignites change, and leaves a lasting impact.
Take the Headache Out of HR
Simplify your HR processes with strategic HR consulting, letting you focus on your business while we handle the complexities of human resources seamlessly.
Recruit and Build Your Dream Team
Find your perfect match and build a high-performing dream team with the most effective and innovative recruiting expertise and specialists working on your behalf.
Create Amazing Workplace Culture
Cultivate an exceptional workplace culture with strategic HR and Organizational Development consulting designed to produce real, tangible results.
Train Your Team to Be Extraordinary
Unleash the full potential of your team through customized employee training programs, empowering them with the skills needed to achieve extraordinary results.


When you wake up and get ready for work, do you really want to go to work? Do you feel happy and satisfied at work? Or do you have a nagging sense of dread, frustration, or anxiety?
I bet what makes it even worse is the voice in your head telling you, reminding you that “you can do more…”

3 Simple steps to thrive


The clock is ticking on your success. Don’t be held back a minute longer.
Become the successful leader you were always meant to be.


Get in touch with me at a time and format that’s most convenient for you.


Enjoy a no-sales listening session about your interests, goals, and challenges.


Get the tools and support you need to crush your challenges and thrive.

Start Thriving. Invest in your future.

A lot of people feel like working with a strategic HR consultant, recruiter, leadership coach, employee trainer, or keynote speaker is a waste of money. A luxury only reserved for a select few with big bank accounts.

When you consider the impact on your leadership, your team, and your success, it’s an investment in yourself, your success, and your future; and you are priceless.